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Doliva Sun Spray

Doliva Sun Spray

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Doliva Sun Spray
150 ml (5.07 fl. oz.) - $12.60


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Protects Your Skin from the Sun and Premature Ageing

Doliva Sun Spray protects your sun-kissed skin. High-quality vitamin E helps to protect against premature ageing of your skin, especially from the sun. Apply repeatedly to maintain the protection.

Doliva Sun Spray contains vitamin E that gives you sun protection easily. The addition of UVA + UVB filters guarantees a sun protection factor of 20.


  • Protects skin from the sun
  • Sun protection factor of 20
  • Waterproof
  • Protects against premature aging of skin


Use: Spray directly onto skin and then rub to evenly distribute.  SPF 20 and waterproof. 

Made In Germany by Medipharma Cosmetics

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