Doliva Shower Exfoliant

Doliva Shower Exfoliant

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Doliva Shower Exfoliant
100ml (3.38 fl. oz.) - $7.40


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Leaves Skin Looking Softer and Rosier

The mild exfoliant grains in Doliva Shower Exfoliant are made of bamboo and finely ground olive stones and will gently remove the top, scaly layers of your skin refining the look of your skin.

This once a week olive oil exfoliant gently sloughs off dead skin cells so new skin shines through. Your skin will look softer and rosier.


  • Removes top layer of dead skin cells
  • Leaves skin softer and rosier


Use: Use weekly on wet skin and gently massage, then rinse. 

Made In Germany by Medipharma Cosmetics

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